Invest in our Students

In the ACGC Public Schools we Believe:

          • School promotes a supportive and educational environment where every person has dignity and worth.
          • School will provide experiences which allow the student to realize his/her fullest potential.
          • Learning is a life-long skill.
          • Students, staff, parents and community members working together are our most important strength in making our school district successful.
          • Every student should be prepared to be a productive citizen in a global society because our children are our future.

Unofficial Results of the 11/06/18 Election: Passed with a vote of 1,266 in favor and 1,244 against.

What are the needs of ACGC Public Schools? Why are these improvements needed now?

How are we going to address these needs? What is the proposed plan for November 6th?

How do I vote early or register to vote? Where do I vote on election day?

What will be the estimated tax impact if this plan passes?